Footwear - Trainers trending 2017

25 June 2017

I've always had a thing for shoes & working in footwear fashion buying has only grown the love. I can appreciate all styles, but my favourite at the moment has to be trainers. As everyone knows there has been a major shift in the fashion industry towards a 'Sports Luxe' take on sporty casuals.

It is not unusual to see a smart trainer like a Stan Smith paired with some tailoring pieces. Or even a classic converse with a floaty feminine dress.

I love that thing has become a trend, I'm all for heels & more formal styles (my Gucci loafers are probs my no.1 shoe atm) but it's always refreshing to see something so practical becoming a 'fashionable' style.

My trainer collection is ever-growing, but i thought i'd share some of my newest additions to my collection.

Nike Air max 97s silver bullet & gold  

Black high top converse 70s (these were actually a gift.. such a fab gift too!)

Valentino with pink stripe trainers

Mia x
8 comments on "Footwear - Trainers trending 2017"
  1. I personally don't like trainers and I'm more fond of heels or ballerinas but this is a really cute collection. I liked the pink one. Looks pretty and girlish.

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