Party season, Prom and Debs dresses

03 December 2015

With it being the month of December, I had to share with you some of my top party dresses for any spectacular event you may be lucky enough to attend. I can’t believe next month will be the beginning of 2016! These dresses are certainly suitable for Prom, but why not go for something custom if you have an extravagant Christmas party on your agenda?

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This amazing two piece has to be my ultimate favourite, it would definitely be a more modern take on formal dressing. I’d love an excuse to wear it.

Next is a gorgeous blue lace dress. I think this one could go on your Prom Dresses 2016 list if you are lucky enough to have a Prom or Debs coming up in the new year. It’s still elegant whilst being different from the typical prom dress shape.

Finally, this red lace dress is to die for. It’s definitely something different from the usual lace dresses worn to events. I think the colour makes it even more different from typical black or white lace.

Which dress is your favourite? I honestly can’t decide, I love them all.  Now I need a spectacular event to attend!

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Mia x
8 comments on "Party season, Prom and Debs dresses"
  1. These dresses look nice. The black lace has to be my favorite among all though. Thanks for posting these pictures and giving some dress inspirations.

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