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23 November 2015
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There is no better satisfaction than having a wardrobe clear out. Especially when you can earn some money from doing so. A few years ago I was a serial hoarder of clothes. I'd often wear items once, or not at all but refuse to part with them. My excuses were usually "I'll definitely wear that again" or "What if I decide I need this garment to complete a future outfit?!"

Today I thought I'd share on the blog how I clear out my wardrobe, and earn money from unwanted clothing.

Click below for my top tips on selling clothes.

It got to the point where my wardrobe was so rammed with clothing, that I physically couldn't get to all of my clothes. I'd literally live in the same pieces (I'm still working on not doing that) and forget about what was lurking at the back of my wardrobe vortex.

Finally I decided that it was time to take action. My taste in clothing had dramatically changed. My wardrobe no longer reflected my personal style.

In steps Irish company Siopaella, a consignment store which sells everything from Chanel to Zara. I've actually purchased two Louis Vuitton bags and a Prada bag from the store. These purchases were made with cash I generated from my wardrobe clear outs.

You must sign up to become a consignee with Siopaella, but it's totally worth it. I've literally made thousands of euro from selling my clothing, most of which has gone on to fund my college course fees.

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My 10 Top Tips for a Wardrobe Clear Out

1. Set aside a full day to go through your wardrobe with a fine tooth comb. What you think will take a couple of hours will actually take much longer. 

2. Be prepared to try pieces on, you might find some forgotten treasures - or you might just think why did I ever buy this garment?

3. If it doesn't fit get rid. There's not much point in holding onto clothes you can only wear when you shift that half a stone. 

4. If you haven't worn it in 6 months - 1 year get rid of it. Unless it's a staple piece or an amazing evening dress. Otherwise, you don't love the piece.

5. Take breaks. I get crazy after trying on clothes non stop for an hour or so. Have a cup of tea and go back to it afterwards.

6. Make two piles, sell and donate. If something is pretty worn in or no longer on trend give it to a charity shop. The high quality pieces can be sold.

7. Have bags prepared to put your garments into when bringing them into Siopaella. You'd be surprised how quickly all the clothing piles up.

8. Wash your clothing before selling them. Clean shoes & accessories too. Nobody wants dirty clothing, and you're devaluing your items by not doing this.

9. Sorting your 'clear out' bags into categories of item is helpful. It lets the Siopaella team see what you have brought in to sell at a glance.

10. Last tip is probably obvious, but an easy mistake to make. Try to sell clothing which is in season. By this I mean, sell your coats in the Winter and keep those unwanted crop tops for the summer months. Common sense, but sometimes easy to forget.

I hope you enjoyed my post on how to sell with Siopaella. If you have any questions theres plenty of details over on the Siopaella website.

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Will you be turning your unwanted garments into cash?

Mia x

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  1. after reading your post i got the motivation to do that with my own wardrobe. that you for giving me the motivation with this absolutely amazing post and putting up something so inspirational

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