H&M x Balmain Pre Launch Dublin #BALMAINNATION

05 November 2015

I was so excited to be invited along to the H&M x Balmain pre launch event in Dublin's H&M College Green Store. I'm a massive fan of the designer collaborations, with Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang last year being some of my favourites to date. The event took place a day before the official release of the collection on Thursday 5th November.

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The queue for the event literally wrapped right around the huge College Green Building, it's quite clear that Dublin had joined the #BALMAINARMY. Whilst we were waiting, guests were given exclusive wristbands to gain entry into the event. There was a palpable sense of excitement amongst everyone, whilst we waited our turn to enter.

Once inside, the colossal store space was packed with a sea of eager shoppers. I have attended designer collaborations on the official launch days, but the frenzy inside the store was one of the most intense I have ever witnessed for any H&M collaboration collection.

There was no time (or space) for photos, I was a woman on a mission. Thankfully my Mother was too (now you know where I get it from!).

If you read my last post you'll know I had a a small wish list of items that I needed. However, every rail was empty. No exaggeration, everything seemed to be sold out & nothing was being re-stocked on the night. I was shocked, considering I got inside about 20 minutes after the beginning of the event.

Somehow, between myself and my Mother we managed to pick up a few pieces which I truly love, although they deviate slightly from my original wish list.

I wanted wardrobe staples that I could build an outfit around. Here's what I purchased over the course of the Pre Launch event & the Official public launch - because lets be realistic, the majority of items had been snapped up just 20 minutes into the pre launch event.

My Thoughts on the Balmain x HM collection 

After getting up close and personal with some of the heavily beaded and sequinned pieces (encased in glass cabinets for display purpose only - the rest sold out), I can honestly say that you get what you pay for. Yes, they were beautiful - but not really my style.

For me, the items with the higher price points screamed quality and craftsmanship. The two tailored jackets I got were from the 'premium' collection within the Balmain collaboration, and I can honestly see that they are no ordinary high street quality (I've done a Materials & Fabrics module as part of my Postgrad. so I should be an expert - I joke! But really I completed that module... just saying!)

Overall I think this collection has been one of my favourites. There has definitely been a huge media hype around the collection, probably the biggest ever for a H&M Designer Collaboration.

This is of course thanks to Oliver Rousteing's little black book of celebrity contacts, including the Kardashians. This particular collection especially carries the notion of 'Fashion Ration' - with a demand that obviously exceeded the available supply of products. Undoubtedly creating the frenzy seen across countries, leaving shoppers literally fighting for fast fashion.

The only reason I managed to pick up a few pieces is because my Mother queued from 6am on Thursday Nov 5th (the official launch day) to try get some of the items we missed out on during the launch night. Don't worry she bought pieces for herself too, but she's still the best Momma ever for doing this!

Did you buy anything? What was your favourite piece? And do you think the shopping frenzy was justified?

Mia x
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