September Wishlist - The Lust List

07 September 2015
September Wishlist

Welcome to September's Lust List. After spending literally months clearing out my wardrobe (and selling my evicted items), I've decided to start a month-by-month Wishlist. The one rule being that all items must become wardrobe staples. Click below to read why I chose these top 5 pieces for my September wardrobe wishlist.

1. Chanel Bag - Yes, the price tag on this item is high - but a classic Chanel bag certainly falls under the category of wardrobe staple. Amongst the sea of 2015 'it bags' I think the Chanel still holds it own. In my eyes its an extremely versatile handbag, taking its lucky owner from business to casual Brunch. There is a reason it has remained so coveted well beyond its initial creation by Coco Chanel.

2. Saint Laurent Small Lizard Print Monogramme Tassel Satchel - Another expensive bag (can you guess my weakness?), but again another classic. This bag will certainly dress up any outfit, and who would desire another practical but luxurious bag after purchasing this beauty? I swear, I'd never lust after another evening bag if this Saint Laurent number became a part of my collection.

3. Tan Suede Midi Skirt - If you know me, or follow me on Instagram, you'll already be aware of my great love for bodycon Midi skirts. This style of skirt suits my body shape best. After years of experimenting, and some very unflattering outfits I finally accepted what suits me best. As much as I'm loving the 70s Trend, I know I need to adapt pieces to work with my body type and current wardrobe. Hence this gorgeous whiskey coloured suede midi skirt. A nod to the 70s trend, without becoming a Trend Junkie.

4. Knee High Caged Heels - Another weakness of mine, shoes. I love anything dramatic, but I've switched up my wardrobe for simple garments punctuated with stand out accessories. In my eyes you can get more milage out of your clothing by doing this. These heels are expensive, but plenty of online and offline retailers are offering a great selection of heels influenced by designer styles. I recently purchased heels like this in a nude colour for €25, so naturally I need a black pair too. Try Boohoo and Missguided if you're searching for designer inspired heels at a fraction of the price.

5. MAC Whirl Lipstick - Yes, like everyone else on the planet I bought Whirl lipliner by MAC. So when I saw that the company had released some of their most popular lipliners in lipstick format I was excited. I love the warm colour of Whirl, it's an easy shade to wear; and I think it would look even better paired with my Lust List items.

What's on your September Lust List?

Mia x
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  1. Could you be any more cuter? Thanks for the inspiration!
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