New in: Zara Patent Nude High Heel Boots

22 September 2015
Zara Boots

The beginning of September holds many traditions for countless people. From that 'back to school' feeling, for those of us in education, to the acceptance of our Autumn / Winter wardrobes once again.

For me, September has always been a time of purchasing what I would consider 'Wardrobe Staples'. I've always had a certain fondness for jackets, coats and boots.

Due to my never-ending wardrobe cull, I can firmly state that I simply do not need another pair of black boots. Nor do I need another neutral winter coat.

But what my wardrobe was lacking, a beautiful pair of dressy boots in a lighter neutral shade.

Hence my spend on these Zara nude patent boots, with a perspex heel. You can find them on the zara website, they also come in black. I picked my pair up from the Zara store on South King Street, Dublin.

What do you spend on in September?

Mia x

1 comment on "New in: Zara Patent Nude High Heel Boots"
  1. Yes its autumn and winters are around the corner I wilp definitely hop into something from zara's or may be just the same pair of boots I absolutely adore them. They will be good for a change