Fashion Month Finds - Bodysuits, Fur & Over the Knee Boots

24 September 2015

Fall is finally here, and so are the fall fashions.
Shows are underway in Milan as we enter the latter half of fashion month. But instead of seeing the glass half empty, let's take a look at some of the amazing trends the shows have brought to light in the last two weeks that you can wear this season.

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Bodysuits have been spotted on and off the runways throughout fashion month. People even caught Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian both wearing bodysuits as they attended the shows in New York City. Kourtney opted to show off hers by leaving her dress open in the front, while Khloé's served more as a "second skin" under an oversized topper.

When you recreate the look for yourself, I recommend starting off a little more tame. Most establishments aren't as welcoming as the fashion week tents when you come in exposing what appears to be your underwear. Instead, look to the models on Lyst for the correct way to pull off the style. Most of them pair their bodysuits with a fitted pencil skirt or high-waisted pair of slacks.

Over-the-Knee Boots

If you caught the previous Fashion On Point article on thigh high boots, you know they're a hot commodity this season. Kourtney was actually wearing a pair when she donned the aforementioned bodysuit. But suede is certainly where it's at this season—and that's not just a personal bias. Suede is the "it" fabric for fall this year. It's comfortable and durable, and you can't go wrong combining the season's "it" fabric with the "it" shoe. It's a fashion win-win.

Fur Accents

Don't worry. Real fur is not a requirement for this look. It's more about adding a touch of fuzz to your attire than something that realistically resembles an animal. In fact, Peta found that 80 percent of the designers from London Fashion Week in February didn't even use real fur in their collections, and similar numbers were expected from this season's shows.

To take advantage of the trend at home, start with accents. Jackets with fur-lined collars were particular popular at the London shows, but there were also spots of fur seen on purses, shoes, and hats. Your options are limited to your imagination.

These trends certainly aren't for the timid. Are you ready to give them a try?

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