Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff scrub review

21 August 2013

I’m very excited to be reviewing another product from the Cocoa Brown tanning range by Marissa Carter. In recent months the Cocoa Brown brand has really taken off, seeing it being stocked nationwide and also entering the UK market with Primark and Boots (to name a few) stocking their shelves with CB’s trademark bright pink bottles.


‘Tough Stuff’ is the name of the product I am reviewing today, a heavy duty body scrub which promises to prep skin for a perfect glow – or remove stubborn scaly tan (we’ve all been there ladies!). On first impressions I thought it was clever that Marissa had chosen to stick to the bright pink packaging, a brand characteristic which makes CB products easy to spot on retailer’s shelves.

Upon opening the sachet I was greeted with two pleasant surprises, firstly the intense pink colour of the scrub itself. I’ve used many exfoliators and I’ve yet to see one with such a lovely colouring, usually they’re a dull white in appearance. Next the scent, which is also used in the Cocoa Brown tans – fresh Gardenia. Again another nice touch which makes the €2.99 500ml sachet seem more like a luxurious spa treatment rather than an affordable option for self-tanner prep.


Patchy tan - LOVELY.


This scrub is meant for dry areas, knees, elbows, heels etc. and is not supposed to be used on sensitive skin areas. It can also be used dry or wet, which is a GREAT idea. I find more of my tan patchiness is removed when my skin is dry, so it’s great to see a product which can be used in this manner.

For this review I used Tough Stuff on wet skin. As you can see I allowed my tan to get a little scaly and patchy, DON’T JUDGE.


I loved how densely packed the scrub was with exfoliating grains. And also the colour!


At first I applied the scrub to my Penneys (Primark) exfoliation gloves, this is what I usually need to do with my regular body scrubs. I was amazed to find that Tough Stuff was actually so densely packed with exfoliation grains that there was no need for this at all. Instead I used the scrub with my bare hands and this worked perfectly.
I am SO impressed with this scrub, I only had to use half of the sachet (which I applied generously) and my skin was silky smooth and tan free afterwards. I’d really recommend straying from your usual exfoliation routine to give this a try.
I’ve yet to try it out on dry skin, but I have a feeling it will work equally as well.


Tough Stuff is priced at €2.99 and available in the likes of Penneys (Primark) and Boots. It’s also available in smaller retail outlets; check for a full list of stockists.

Mia x
Tough Stuff (c/o Cocoa Brown)
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