The Return of the 90s Shoe

10 June 2013
We’ve all seen it creeping in slowly at the seams of fashion; the 90s. Now, it would seem, the decade is exploding onto our catwalks and high streets. We can see the trend in everything from scrunchies to crop tops, from jeans to sportswear, but the area of fashion it has disrupted the most has to be... shoes. People’s feet everywhere are clad with chunky soles, with jelly and with trainers; it’s 90s galore down there at we here at Luxe Models love it.  So we’re here to take a look at what exactly is so 90s about our footwear this summer...

Doc Martens
It started out as just a hipster thing (as all the great trends do), but now it’s official: DMs are back, and they’re badder than ever. Owning a pair of DMs is an investment; if you actually owned a pair in the 90s, I’m sure as anything that they’re still good to go some twenty years later! They’re quality clompers and they go with just about anything. We saw a revival of 90s grunge and punk on ss13 catwalks, so don’t be afraid do wear a pair of Doc Martens with little black dress; it works this season. And you don’t just have to go for boots; there are some super cool DM shoes kicking around too; we particularly love their spike-studded variety!

Yes, you heard right. And by Kickers we mean the school-yard throw backs that formed a big part of so many of our childhoods! If you go into any Topshop right now, you’ll find their shoe section littered with big chunky rubber and epic soles that eco our favourite school footwear to a T. What’s more, Kickers themselves has paired up with Lazy Oaf (the impossibly quirky and lovable London based brand) to produce five shoe designs that would put a Spice Girl to shame; they’re that 90s. Luxe Models fondly remembers donning a pair Kickers with our summer dresses, and we’re pretty sure they can be worn the same way today.

Jelly Shoes
Is it just us, or are jelly shoes amazing? We’re wondering why on earth they ever went away. Again, Topshop is doing what it says on the tin and acting as the top shop in which to pick up quirky trends like this one. They have a range of cheap to expensive jelly shoes, all of which look retro-chic with bikinis, shorts and crop tops.

Ah the memories! Asides from making 90s children feel old, we feel this comeback is the best one yet.
2 comments on "The Return of the 90s Shoe"
  1. I love jelly shoes but have yet to invest in a pair - i need to do so soon :) x

  2. I always had Kickers at school and actually really want some JuJu sandals!

    Now following you on GFC and would be great if you could check out my latest post on the must have summer & festival kimono from MeeMee

    Thanks! Charlie xx

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