Shutterbug & Shotsy Vintage Swimsuits

10 June 2013

Another 'sort of' haul post for you today, this time featuring my latest vintage swimsuits which I picked up at Shotsy and Shutterbug vintage. If you follow me on Twitter you will know I'm off to Ibiza on July 30th, giving me the perfect excuse to indulge myself in swimwear purchases. Also planning on wearing these babies as bodies with shorts. Yay for dual purpose clothing!  For more detailed photos click the link below x

These two amazing swimsuits are from Shutterbug Vintage. Well worth a look at if you're on the hunt for some affordable neon or printed vintage swimsuits. The lovely ladies from the store will be going on another buying trip soon so you can certainly expect lots more amazing one pieces. These ones are from their last buying trip to Paris. Shutterbug sell online and ship worldwide, no excuses!


The next two are from another of my favourite vintage shops, Shotsy Vintage which is located in Temple Bar. I seriously love everything in this store, there's a wide range of stock from casual pieces to evening wear. The best thing is the pricing, so reasonable! My two swimsuits were €18 each, working out cheaper than buying from Etsy or Ebay. Check out their facebook page Shotsy Vintage for more info.

black_juju_jellies Last but not least are my amazing Juju Jellies which I bought via ASOS. After much debate over heels or flats, and more importantly what colour (?!!) I settled for classic black. I'm so glad I did, usually I veer towards bright, borderline tacky, colours. But this black pair will definitely go with all my colourful Ibiza bits, as well as having the ability to be played down for more 'grown up' looks (if it's even possible to look grown up wearing Jelly sandals!).

Hoping to get some outfit posts up soon, it's been too long. I blame my iPhone and instagram, bad habits!

Mia x
5 comments on "Shutterbug & Shotsy Vintage Swimsuits"
  1. LOVE the jellies - i've been meaning to take the plunge for ages!

  2. I love how each of the swimsuits are bright colors !

  3. I used to be obsessed with jelly shoes as a child. x

  4. omg i love the vintage swimsuits so so much and those jelly shoes are super cute!! <3

    check out my latest outfit post! :)

  5. I love the swimsuits! They are absolutely fabulous!