Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan review

16 January 2013

This post is a little different to my usual mostly fashion related ones. I'm a huge fan of fake tan, I'm fully aware that it's a love / hate affair for most people, but I'm proud to say I happily stand on the pro side of the debate.

There are two main factors which I consider with tan, firstly how dark does it make my extremely pale skin? Secondly the cost price. I usually use Primark / Penneys St. Moriz tan in the spray version which does the job nicely at just €4 per bottle, so it takes a LOT to sway me from my usual 'go to' tan.

I was kindly sent this brand new tan by Marissa Carter called "CB Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan". Marissa is a tanning guru here in Ireland, so when I heard she had released her own tan I jumped at the chance to sample it, especially knowing it retails at only €7.99 per 150ml bottle.

The website describes it as:

In just 1 HOUR this revolutionary, speedy self tan mousse develops into a rich Cocoa Brown colour. 

Accelerating ingredients means the tan only only needs to be left on the skin for 1 HOUR and can rinsed off after that. If you prefer a deeper tan you can leave the mousse on your skin for up to three hours. (1 hour = light, 2 hours = medium, 3 hours = dark) 


This is my natural skin colour, as I said I am completely white.


Here is my arm after the initial application of Cocoa Brown tan

This tan is amazing, the consistency is an extremely aerated mouse which smooths onto the skin easily. It gives an instant deep glow, which within one hour is fully developed. If you love an ultra deep glow you can leave it on for longer to allow it to fully develop. Also there is no biscuit or curry powder stench as expected with most tans, CB tan actually smells nice!

Another bonus is that the tan fades off well, I didn't get the horrible tell tale patchyness I often get with my beloved St. Moriz. Safe to say I have been converted!

For more information or to purchase online check out, or for a full listing of Irish stockists head to the facebook page.

Mia x

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  1. Hi. I just wanted to let you know that your blog is amazing. Do you maybe want to follow each other?? Let me know.


  2. That is some amazing stuff right there! :-)

    xx Christal xx

  3. Tried and have to say it is very drying to my skin. You know what you pay for buying premium brands. Mel

  4. What happens if u dont wash it off after an hr or 3 hrs

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  6. You can leave it on over night if you like, the tan will only develop to a certain point and then stop. I usually put it on before bed and shower it off the next morning. x