Casual Autumn Sales Shopping Outfit

24 October 2012

I haven't done an outfit post in a while so I thought I'd show you something really casual and comfortable I wore to do some Autumn shopping in a few weeks ago.


When I'm doing some shopping and will be trying a lot of items on I think it's best to dress more simply. I don't like the effort of having to re-adjust my outfit every time I use a changing room. In fact, I HATE trying clothes on in shops. I hate it even more when it's sale time. Too many frenzied girls fighting for bargains and Qs galore, not my scene! Instead I often wear a jumper with a long sleeve black top under, and leggings. This way I can try a lot of stuff on over my clothes on the shop floor saving time and avoiding the crazies!

Do you have any sale time shopping tips?

Aviator Jacket - Topshop sale (old)
Stripe jumper - Primark / Penneys (old)
Sequined leggings - Topshop (old)
Boots - Topshop (old)
Gold chain necklace - Charity Shop

Mia x
18 comments on "Casual Autumn Sales Shopping Outfit"
  1. gorgeous little outfit. nice location too xx

  2. love your gold chain, and that coat looks so cosy! x

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  3. Ah, i hate trying on clothes in shops too, queueing is my ALL TIME pet hate! Love your outft though, looks so cosy! xx

  4. loving the outfit, so cosy and cute :) x

  5. backdrop is awesome sets off the cosy outfit.


  6. I love this outfit and I agree I hate trying clothes on in the changing room, the lighting is terrible and I always feel really self conscious...

    Chloe xo

  7. amazing place and photos love your outfit i hope to follow each other if you want let me know


  8. gorgeous outfit, i love your jacket!! xxx

  9. I use the same 'Sale Time Outfit' as you! Lol it saves sooo much hassle! I also make sure I wear shoes I can easily slip on and off so I can get everything done super quick.

    Great outfit, the jacket is amazing! x

  10. stunning, love the background heh.
    and i hate trying clothes on in shops as well x

  11. you always create perfect, quirky combinations <3 xx

  12. Love the jacket! Perfect autumn style x

  13. I love love love this!
    Lovely autumn outfit!

  14. I Love this outfit, Gorgeous
    Love the Coat!
    I would Love to follow each other, Come by and let me know. I would appreciate it if you take some time out.

  15. That coat is so pretty, something I would wear if I didn't live in hot weather.


    -Autumn & Athena

  16. Gorgeous outfit! Love your boots and top x

  17. Love your outfit!! xx