Designer Sunglasses Competition with Smart Buy Glasses

19 June 2012

I'm delighted to share with you all a competition I'm hosting from from Tuesday 19th June to Tuesday 11th of July . The prize is a €60 voucher for Smart Buy Glasses who specialize in selling Sunglasses Online at discounted prices. This pretty much means that most of the pairs designer sunglasses that they stock will only end up costing you around a third of the RRP, major bargain. This is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a pair of designer sunnies for your Summer holiday, or just for making the most of the sporadic sunny days at home. Basically I will be very jealous of whoever wins, I'd love another pair of Ray Ban sunglasses! They have a great range of both men's and women's sunglasses, so don't be afraid to get involved boys.

To enter here's what you need to do:

1) Follow me on Google friend connect, Blog Lovin' and on Twitter and Facebook Facebook.

2) Subscribe to SmartbuyGlasses mailing list located at the bottom of their home page. Like & Share SmartBuyGlasses on Twitter and Facebook Facebook

3) Write about your favourite pair of sunglasses on this post OR on your own blog & link back your favourite product, brand or style to SmartBuyGlasses site. Use this HTML code so your link works

The more creative you are, the more chance you get to win! A creative idea ? You can, for example take a picture of yourself wearing sunglasses through SmartBuyGlasses' Online Try On System and post it online here.
2 comments on "Designer Sunglasses Competition with Smart Buy Glasses"
  1. I have posted about my favourite pair on my tumblr and also followed you & signed up to the mailing list xx

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