Men's scarves

29 November 2011

I'm so busy with college I don't even know how nearly a month has passed without posting on my blog, sorry!

Horrible wet windy weather today, and seeing as I had to trek into college I decided the only option was to try out a bun in my hair. I actually like it! Always love them on other girls, just too lazy to try them out in my own hair.

Love this scarf, I bought it a few years ago in Topman and am only wearing it now. Is it just me or does Topman have the nicest knitwear and hats at the moment? So jealous of a hat my boyfriend recently bought there..

Printed my final image for photography today, will show you all soon!

P.S What do you all think of the vintage skirt my lovely Mommy picked up for me today? It reminds me of Versace print! It can make up for all the Versace for H&M I missed out on.

Glitter boots & Vintage Levi cut off shorts

04 November 2011

Hi! Decided it was time to introduce you to one of my newest biker jackets I bought in September during the ASOS LFW discount period. I looove it! I think it's a little big but the size is growing on me (no pun intended!).

I got my lovely Daddy to bring these vintage levi cut off shorts (that I myself chopped up!) to his tailor. They were about a size 14 so I got them taken in and I'm amazed with how well he did the job. It was only €10 too, such a bargain.

Last but not least, how nice are these Topshop glitter boots? I'm afraid to wear them incase all the glitter falls off them. They're making me want a pair of silver glitter Litas so badly for nights out. You can never have too much glitter and sequins!

Mia x