Wednesday Wants WAR!

09 March 2011

I haven't posted for a week but it seems like only a day or so, I've been too busy with college work. This is one of my many college outfits, I hadn't worn any of my bright bodycon skirts in so long they were all hidden at the back of my wardrobe, but I love when I eventually re-discover my old clothes.

I've also had some great news confirmed, I'm going to be featured on the street style section of Off The Rails. It's an Irish Fashion and style TV show which they are re launching. I'll be taking part in the live show tomorrow, I'm so excited!


Cardigan - Charity Shop
Shirt - Studded myself
Skirt - Topshop
Loafers - Topshop

My Wednesday Wants section has become a battle between these two pairs of Topshop shoes. I can't decide which I want more!

22 comments on "Wednesday Wants WAR!"
  1. Oh my, I want your whole outfit!
    I think I prefer the nude pair of shoes although black is more practical, hmm

  2. I love the pop of colour! Also the deatiling to the collar is beautiful! I'm really happy for you about the television show, lucky girl! Hope you have fun.

    Also I can't decide on the shoes, blacks more versitle but the beidge reminds me of summer... hmmm difficult choice!

    Katie. x

  3. black, they will go with more and i just prefer black footwear :)

  4. i love the nude ones, but like everyone said black does go with a lot more..
    ah, it's hard, but i'd definitely go with nude.
    that's so exciting about the live tv show, congrats! :)


  5. wow you look so lovely!
    amazing skirt

  6. Black, definitely black!! :D But I own WAY too many pairs of black shoes. Maybe nude would be nice...? Eek.... Nah, black!


  7. Love the colour of that skirt! I've been drooling over these shoes aswell haha, I think the nude are nicer but black shoes go with pretty much everything
    & Congratulations on being featured on the tv show! xx

  8. I love this outfit, the skirt looks great on you and the detailing on the shirt is lovelyy

    Congratulations on the feature, that's fantastic news!
    I vote for nude

  9. Love your shirt, I'm hoping to do this to one of mine soon.
    Defo pick the black ones, more classic :D

  10. gorgeous outfit!! i love the studded blouse and the pop of bright color with the skirt!! super chic!!

  11. Congrats on the feature, that is amazing!! Love the shirt aswell, looks great brightened up with the skirt... I love discovering old clothes!
    I saw these shoes on the topshop site, I prefer the black but both gorgeous. xx

  12. your famous baby! :)

    Looking lovely as per! extensions are fab.

    ps i love the black!!! xxxxx

  13. Love your cardigan! And I'd definitely choose the light ones ;)
    xoxo from Hannie

  14. love this outfit, i'm still obsessed with studs heh x

  15. wow the studded collar on the shirt is gorrrrrrrgeous! i love the black for winter and the pink for summer! i'd go pink- something a little different!

  16. I really love the studs on the collar of your shirt. It's a loveely outfit ;)

  17. The studded collar looks great! & I have far too many black pairs of heels so I'd go for nude! xxx

  18. OMG! Feels like we are wearing the same skirt but your's is topshop and mine, h&m lol
    Like this look, a lot :)

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  19. I really love your blouse! It's so cool. And I really like the lighter shoes better since they are more Spring-ish. Ha. You have a really lovely blog.

  20. thanks you for the lovely comment on my blog! Been scrolling through yours and its really lovely. Love your style, I'm now a follower!± Would love you to follow me too Keep up the good work. Speak soon. xx

  21. Gorgeous, lovely skirt, such a pretty colour! xx

  22. IM FACING THE SAME PROB WITH THE SHOES (sorry caps lock error :-/) the black will go with everything but nude looks so more more prettier?!

    argh the decisions!