Busy busy busy

30 March 2011

So sorry no post in a week, I was away in Liverpool over the weekend and have been so busy with college work. Had such a good time in Liverpool, could not get over how well the girls dressed there. If anyone knows of any Liverpool street style blogs please do share!

Thought I'd share some of the many purchases I made last week. Some are in the wash because I spilt diet coke in my shopping bag, I blame my hangover.

P.S finally have listed stuff on my Ebay, everything starting really cheap. I'll be listing new stuff every week.




Vintage leather shorts, Topshop studded hot pants & vintage denim playsuits to name but a few items for sale!
















Love the studding on the sleeves.

Wednesday Wants (and possible buys!)

23 March 2011

Yet another college outfit thrown on at 7:30AM this morning, really need to start picking stuff the night before! Also noticed I have been living in the same 3 pairs of shoes, I actually have LOADS of flat shoes so I'll have to make more of an effort with that too.

Cardigan - charity shop
Top - H&M
Skirt - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Brogues - Topshop

So exciting picking out my Wednesday wants this week, although most of it is Asos.com I have been thinking that some of the things I've been wanting so much from places like Topshop, American Apparel and River Island need to be purchased during my trip to Liverpool. It would be rude not to don't you think?


Going into MAC tonight to claim my free Back To MAC lipstick, finally I have 6 empties! I'm thinking of going for a bright fuchsia pink, but the big lipstick stand could tell me differently! We shall see.


Pairing Patterns

21 March 2011


Rushing for college this morning I found this skirt in between the crammed hanging space of my wardrobe. I got it in the Urban Outfitters sale about 4 years ago but have only worn it a few times, even though I love it. I decided to wear it with one of my MANY striped tops. I'm a big fan of pairing patterns together, for me anything polka dot, leopard print or striped is a neutral.


I looove the scalloped sleeves on this cardigan, another charity shop find of course.




Smug smile because I'm flying to Liverpool Saturday morning. I CAN'T WAIT :) !

Comfy Casuals

18 March 2011

I just realized I completely missed out on my usual Wednesday Wants post! I think it's because I'm avoiding my usual online window shopping in an attempt to save the pennies for my trip to Liverpool next weekend, I cannot wait to go!

Photos of an outfit I threw on for college, really have been living in shorts, shirt & cardigan combo the past few days. My Mam picked up the shorts for €1, I actually love them I think they're kids but they fit so I'm not gonna complain.

When I first started my blog a lot of people expressed an interest in me starting a blog shop for my clothes that need a new home. I have a lot of stuff photographed, just wondering if you prefer buying from Ebay or blog shops in general? I'd appreciate the feedback, thank you!

P.S A big HELLO to all my new followers :) And thank you to everyone who reads and comments on my blog.



Wearing so much from Penneys (Primark) after my binge on blouses there last week, my local ones NEVER get nice blouses in so I had to buy them all!

Cardigan - Penneys / Primark
Blouse - Penneys / Primark
Shorts - Charity shop
Brogues - Topshop

Over wearing Vs. Under wearing

15 March 2011
maroon 038hhhh

I think most people can relate to having a piece of clothing that is completely over worn, something you know will work with anything for any occasion. I never really thought about it too much myself until my favourite pair of high waited denim shorts started to fall apart. First it was a few small holes, now the back pockets are slowly falling off and there is a hole in the crotch. They're so comfy though I don't think I'll throw them out until they literally fall off me.

Another thing I over wear is anything with a collar, I just realized this now after noticing I am wearing yet another blouse in this post!

maroon 005retretert
The shorts!

Something I under wear is jewellery. I have a huge collection; my dressing table area is crammed with rings, necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories. I used to always layer lots of jewellery with everything I wore. I think working as a Christmas Temp at Claire's Accessories got me out of the habit as we picked stuff from the store to wear before every shift and put back after.

This is my skull ring which I LOVE but never really wear. It's actually a replacement for a plain gold one I lost on a night out. I prefer this sugar skull style though, so really it worked out for the best!



p.s it's a camera remote in my hand in all my photos incase you wondered!

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Off The Rails Live Show

11 March 2011

Yesterday I travelled out to Swords Pavilions shopping centre to take part in the Dublin Street Style segment of Off the Rails. In case you missed my last post Off The Rails is an Irish Fashion and Style television programme.

I study Creative Digital Media, which includes a TV class so it was really weird for me being a 'guest' rather than operating a camera or directing. I had fun and it was a great experience I've always wanted to see the behind the scenes of a recorded live TV show. I'm really thankful to have made it into the final 6 for Dublin's best street style segment, I can't wait to see the final edited piece on TV in a couple of weeks!


I loved the pink carpeting on the runway.

Bowler hat - my Mam's from the 80s
Leopard print blouse - charity shop
Nude skirt - Vintage
Belt - Vintage charity shop
Bag - Ebay
Wedges - Topshop sale
Biker jacket - Topshop sale

Also, I have to say a BIG thank you to my boyfriend for coming and taking photos for me. And another big thank you to his Mam for giving me and my Mommy a lift home.



Wednesday Wants WAR!

09 March 2011

I haven't posted for a week but it seems like only a day or so, I've been too busy with college work. This is one of my many college outfits, I hadn't worn any of my bright bodycon skirts in so long they were all hidden at the back of my wardrobe, but I love when I eventually re-discover my old clothes.

I've also had some great news confirmed, I'm going to be featured on the street style section of Off The Rails. It's an Irish Fashion and style TV show which they are re launching. I'll be taking part in the live show tomorrow, I'm so excited!


Cardigan - Charity Shop
Shirt - Studded myself
Skirt - Topshop
Loafers - Topshop

My Wednesday Wants section has become a battle between these two pairs of Topshop shoes. I can't decide which I want more!


Wednesday Wants

02 March 2011

Quick post to show off the vintage shirt my Mam got me for €4 today, love the lace peter pan collar and pinky colour.

Blouse - Vintage
Coat - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Brogues - Topshop
Watch - TK MAXX

Thank you for all your lovely comments and a big hello to all my followers old and new.

Here are some of my many Wednesday wants, I have to save save save though because I'm going to Liverpool in 3 weeks. Can't wait! Can anyone suggest where is best to go shopping? I'll be there Saturday - Monday, I'm interested in new clothes and Vintage. Thanks!