Cocktails & Clothes

13 February 2011

Hi everyone! I am so sorry for the lack of updates this week, it won't happen again, promise! Anyone else feel like this has been the longest week ever?

Had nights out on the town on Monday and Friday, yet managed to drink all my cocktail ingredients between the two nights. Sex on the beach & Woo woos! So here are photos of what I wore one of the nights out, I didn't wear the floral headband I just have a bad habit of putting it on when taking photos!

Blouse - Topshop Sale
Leather Shorts - River Island Sale
Knee high socks - Penneys (Primark)
Shoe boots - River Island Sale
Belt - Vintage


Managed to get some shopping done too, here is a floral playsuit from Penneys (Primark) I couldn't resist buying.


A pair of new Chelsea boots ( that my boyfriend calls "clump boots", they're size 5 they aren't big!) my Mam found for me in a charity shop for €4, she's very good at that! I love them I've wanted a pair for so long.

€4 Chelsea boots

& some Topshop purchases. I had been caressing the yellow blouse every time I went into Topshop. It was the last one left in my size so my Mam offered to get it as part of my birthday present.


Also I wouldn't say no to a YSL Arty ring from the parents as a birthday present. They seem to be sold out everywhere and the shops in Dublin seem oblivious to its existence, upsetting! x

28 comments on "Cocktails & Clothes"
  1. cute outfit! also, i love your room. I wanted the pink version of the yellow topshop blouse for ages and now i think it's gone :( boooo.

  2. Love your outfit, especially the blouse and the headband!
    Who wouldn't say no to a YSL arty ring?! Hehe

  3. I love your primark playsuit !!
    its absolutely adorable, think i will have to get one for myself. would love for you to check out my channel!

  4. I love that Topshop blouse! I saw it in the sale and wish I had had enough money :) <3

  5. Such cute outfit
    That playsuit is lovelyy
    Gorgeous buys, wouldn't say no to a YSL Arty ring either :)

  6. Your outfit is lovely, the stud detailing on the blouse is stunning! Also the shorts are great, I've been seeing leather shorts everywhere lately, I doubt they'd suit me in fairness but you pull them off well! You have that edge!

    Didn't expect that plausuit to be from Primark! Thought it was a topshop number, really pretty.

    Lucy on getting those boots! They're right up my street, your mum has great taste!


  7. Love your playsuit, I bought one last week but I was too tall for it :(

  8. I love your outfit, I've wanted that top for ages but its a case of letting go of the money

  9. Wow, I can not believe the boots were so cheap - love them!! Also love the flower hair garland.

  10. grats on the bargain! they're lovely boots, i've never seen them before.
    i love your bloggg. x

  11. Wow, lovely outfit! I'm in love with your shorts and also with the playsuit (i really want some of those but i can't find any in my city).

  12. love this post, and your outfit is so cute! ahh i have been dying over the YSL ring but i just dont know if its worth $200, maybe if i start getting more hours at work. but by that time it will probably be sold out sad!

    have a lovely week.
    xoxo monika.

  13. i love your outfit!


  14. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! I've just puslished an amazing post too!!!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I FOLLOW YOU!
    check if you want:

  15. i was SURE i was already following you! i must have forgot to click the second button! defs am now :)

    SO JEALOUS OF THOSE BOOTS!! net-a-porter had arty rings just the other day :) il give you mine if you find me a silver one ;)

  16. LOVE your hair!!!!

  17. Lovely headband! You have such a sweet blog!

    The Flower Girl

  18. Your headband is so cute!
    & I love the knee highs with leather shorts xxx

  19. oh i want that YSL ring so much xxxx

  20. that blouse looks like one ellie goulding wore awhile ago at the radio one studios, really pretty! and lovin the river island shorts
    much love

  21. I just bought some cheapy nail art pens from Ebay during the summer - I can't find the link to them now sorry, but there are loads on there. I find them really easy to use. Hope you find what you are looking for.

  22. Hey Mia, Love this outfit, especially the shorts, and your Mum sounds amazing, I wish my mum even knew the right thing to buy me from Charity shops never mind actually buying them for those boots and don't think they're clumpy at all. Boyfriends have no idea do they?! Love all your purchases :) xxx

  23. Love your playsuit and the Chelsea boots, they're fabulous!!! I would love an YSL arty ring too but I doubt it'll ever happen. I have a floral hair band just like that from a festival and love it dearly =)

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  24. Love your outfit, it's so pretty! The flower headband is really cute as well. Now following, hope you check my blog out sometime :) xx