Clothes Storage

01 February 2011

My room is filled up with clothes. Under my bed is entirely filled with shoe boxes, as is on top of my wardrobe. I have cabinets on my wall for extra storage and drawers from Ikea, yet I still don't have enough room! I've been trying to do a clear out over the past few days but so far all I've managed to put aside for ebay are two skirts.

How do you store your clothes?

outfit from Saturday night






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  1. Wow you have a lot of clothes! i wish i had that many. My wardrobe is very very fulll of clothes and it's a double wardrobe, then i have a small chest of drawers for other things! your room looks lovely!

  2. oof that's a lot of clothes - good luck with the clear out lovely. elle x

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  4. mine are shoved in my closet and a few shelves. i have a dresser for tanks, shorts, and casual stuff...but it's my closet that has become out of control too! i try to clear out a few things every month.

    the mac lipstick i was wearing is "lovelorn". i also got "up the amp" and "dare you" recently and love them both.

  5. Wow, that's impressive. I wish I had your wardrobe! It looks like exactly the stuff I love,

    Rosie x

  6. i love how you still have all your show boxes and all those chunky knit cardys. I love a good wardrobe that displays all your clothes.

  7. that's a lot of clothes! i have all my summer stuff shoved in the wardrobes in the spare room! i like my wardrobe neat, but it's hard when it doesn't all fit!
    you've got a lovely new blog, and a great sense of style from what ive seen so far. you've make up in the post below looks amazing, im useless with eyeshadow!
    as for the images looking blurry or poor quality after uploading them to blogger - you need to click the 'edit html' tab next to compose, after uploading the image. within the image url you should see this /s1600/ the numbers vary but the 's' is always there. delete the s and the number. leave both brackets. make sure you do this for both image urls. if this makes no sense then email me and ill send you some screen grabs :)

  8. im wondering if u getting bored with ur stuff and fancy to throw it away to me, lmao


  9. I'd LOVE you raid your bedroom.

    Make sure you like to eBay as i'd take a look :)


  10. oooh you have so much stuff! so do i though ha :)
    if you're ebaying anything, let me know!

  11. great! ur blog is really interesting!
    I'm following u now <3

  12. Wow you have such lovely clothes!
    The back of my door looks exactly like this, it made me laugh
    I love your blog, following you now :)

  13. I agree! A raid in your room would be great. Awesome collection. Your a very lucky girl indeed :) xxx

  14. Woaaah, I'll come round and help you clear out! Haha, you should set up a blog shop or something as obvs a lot of people on here are thinking the same.
    Only just found your blog, really nice! x

  15. *gaaasp* so jealous of all your jackets and shoes!! amazing wardrobe you must have! fabulous blog, im defintaley following! x

  16. Bloody hell! Give me all your clothes haha, those chunky knits look lovely! I like your room also, it's got character!

    I'm awful with clothes, I usually just throw them around my room/wardrobe! I need to a good clear out but I find it hard to throw clothes away - some have that nostalgic attachment!

    Great blog!
    Katie. x

  17. I have a terrible storage system! I have like a tiny wardrobe which is full to the brim, a chest of draws which is an absolute mess and now a rack of clothes too! I really love your room in these pictures :) i'd love to see more of it xx

  18. the cardigans! give! now!
    your clothes look so lovely ha
    but anyway, i literally throw them in a wardrobe and have to practically bury through the pile to find something. x

  19. WOOW
    love your blog!

    new follower!

    i love everrrything youve posted! so glad i found you!

    a fashion blog by lydialee

  20. I know what you mean - my room is bursting with clothes! i had a massive tidy the other day and my room felt sooo much bigger! Lovely blog!

    The Flower Girl


  21. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. The cardigan was from a vintage shop in brick lane. I think you store your clothes beautifully - it looks like a little shop. x

  22. Cute pictures! I storage my clothes in big plastic boxes x) Thank you so much for your sweet comment... I really don't know how to explained the thing about the hair but... I will try to figure it out I'll tell you (english is not my mother tongue so its kinda hard hehe) and I'm following you now


  23. My closet almost looks the same:D and my walls too;) The same pink tone;) and the we obviously we also got the same name;)

    Stop by some time:D


  24. wow you have some beautiful clothes!
    im not one to look after mine to say the least, theyre usually stored on the floor, or rammed into a draw :/
    thanks for the comment ;)
    much love

  25. Woah Mia you have soo much clothes, i am soo jealous! Thank you for the lovely message, it is always great to chat to another Irish blogger :) Your blog is fab considering you just started it, whereas mine is crap! xo

  26. wooooahh your wardrobe is stuffed full of clothes! ah i wish i had as many as you :( ah so many from topshop aswell! love your blog following

    hope you'll visit/follow

  27.'s a girl's paradise! :P

  28. oooh i love your outfit from saturday night! you seem to store your clothes well - mine are in a huge pile in the middle of the floor haha.