Hair Extensions & Knee High Socks

28 February 2011
What I wore today to get my extensions put in. I love them, it's just so strange having straight hair I think I'll feel more 'me' when I have my hair messy / wavy again.





Top - French Connection
Cardigan - Penneys (Primark)
Skirt - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Tights & Socks - Penneys (Primark)
Loafers - Topshop
Satchel - Ebay

Wednesday Wants

23 February 2011

Found my Topshop sequin blazer I got two years ago, I think I've worn it once before so I decided it was time to wear it again. I love sequin anything, same with leopard print. Pretty bad photos again I must admit, they weren't intentionally taken though we had to take some photos for where we are recording a piece for TV class.


Here are some of my many Wednesday Wants. Particularly wanting the bright pink Zara dress, I so nearly bought it today. Well, there's always tomorrow!


P.S Hello to all my new followers :)

Early Birthday Meal

19 February 2011
It's my birthday on the 27th of February, I'm going to be 20! I feel so old. My lovely boyfriend cooked me an amazing candle lit birthday meal, definitely put my cooking skills to shame. Also got my presents early, Mad Men box set and a beautiful Disney Couture bracelet. Feeling like a very lucky girl right now, expect photos soon!

For now I'll leave you with what I wore for my meal, sorry for the bad photos.





Rust Silk Blouse - Vintage
Belt - Vintage
Skirt - American Apparel
Loafers - Topshop

Cocktails & Clothes

13 February 2011

Hi everyone! I am so sorry for the lack of updates this week, it won't happen again, promise! Anyone else feel like this has been the longest week ever?

Had nights out on the town on Monday and Friday, yet managed to drink all my cocktail ingredients between the two nights. Sex on the beach & Woo woos! So here are photos of what I wore one of the nights out, I didn't wear the floral headband I just have a bad habit of putting it on when taking photos!

Blouse - Topshop Sale
Leather Shorts - River Island Sale
Knee high socks - Penneys (Primark)
Shoe boots - River Island Sale
Belt - Vintage


Managed to get some shopping done too, here is a floral playsuit from Penneys (Primark) I couldn't resist buying.


A pair of new Chelsea boots ( that my boyfriend calls "clump boots", they're size 5 they aren't big!) my Mam found for me in a charity shop for €4, she's very good at that! I love them I've wanted a pair for so long.

€4 Chelsea boots

& some Topshop purchases. I had been caressing the yellow blouse every time I went into Topshop. It was the last one left in my size so my Mam offered to get it as part of my birthday present.


Also I wouldn't say no to a YSL Arty ring from the parents as a birthday present. They seem to be sold out everywhere and the shops in Dublin seem oblivious to its existence, upsetting! x


College Clothes & Charity Shops

04 February 2011
Hi! First of all let me say sorry for the messy wind swept hair, it's gale force winds outside and it's actually scary how strong they are. And also sorry for my cat in the photos he gets lonely if I kick him out. Next I want to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has read, commented or followed by blog. It really makes my day, although that's probably sad ha!


Only worn this hat once, can't decide if I look too silly in it?

I thought I'd show you what I wore to college today, it's very casual. I got the blue velvet hot pants yesterday in Penneys (Primark) on sale for €1 - had to have them!


Top - H&M
Levi Shirt - Vintage
Shoes - Topshop
Men's Watch - TK MAXX
Shorts - Penneys/Primark

My Mama kindly picked me up some more vintage knits in the charity shop today. She also got me a lovely bracelet it reminds me of the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume bottle I love it.




Not too sure about the longer cardi, feel I'm a tad too short for it. It's Paul Costello though so expect to find it on my ebay if not. Speaking of which I will definitely post a link to my ebay when I've finally finished my clothes clear out.

Clothes Storage

01 February 2011

My room is filled up with clothes. Under my bed is entirely filled with shoe boxes, as is on top of my wardrobe. I have cabinets on my wall for extra storage and drawers from Ikea, yet I still don't have enough room! I've been trying to do a clear out over the past few days but so far all I've managed to put aside for ebay are two skirts.

How do you store your clothes?

outfit from Saturday night