Footwear - Trainers trending 2017

25 June 2017

I've always had a thing for shoes & working in footwear fashion buying has only grown the love. I can appreciate all styles, but my favourite at the moment has to be trainers. As everyone knows there has been a major shift in the fashion industry towards a 'Sports Luxe' take on sporty casuals.

It is not unusual to see a smart trainer like a Stan Smith paired with some tailoring pieces. Or even a classic converse with a floaty feminine dress.

I love that thing has become a trend, I'm all for heels & more formal styles (my Gucci loafers are probs my no.1 shoe atm) but it's always refreshing to see something so practical becoming a 'fashionable' style.

My trainer collection is ever-growing, but i thought i'd share some of my newest additions to my collection.

Nike Air max 97s silver bullet & gold  

Black high top converse 70s (these were actually a gift.. such a fab gift too!)

Valentino with pink stripe trainers

Mia x

Designer handbag collection

18 June 2017
I'm a firm believer that a woman's handbag is one of the most important elements of her outfit.
Handbags are something which I spend the most money on in my wardrobe. The reason for this is because they are timeless, and if looked after properly will last a lifetime.

I've purchased brand new bags, "pre loved bags" & sale handbags, I even borrow my Mam's handbags. I've also sold handbags to fund new ones - but that's another story!

One of my favourite fashion bloggers Claire explained her theory about buying designer and I couldn't agree more. If you follow her you'll know that she's all about mixing her high end piece with high street.

In my opinion you can wear a classic Chanel handbag hundreds of times and it will never be over done... Can you say the same for much else in your wardrobe?

Here's my current collection of high end handbags

2016: New Job in Fashion Buying & Postgraduate Degree

11 February 2016
image from Pinterest 

Since the last time I've blogged, I've started a job as a fashion buying administrator with Dunnes Stores. I've also obtained my postgraduate degree in Fashion Buying & Management (3% away from a first class honours no less). With my graduation next weekend, and my birthday falling on the following weekend, I'm feeling like 2016 is off to a fabulous start.

Saint Laurent Sac De Jour handbag

14 January 2016

Long time no blog! But I have an excuse, I only finished my final exams last week for my Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Buying and Management. I spent my entire Christmas studying, hence the lack of posts.

I thought I'd make my first post of 2016 about my beautiful new Saint Laurent Sac De Jour handbag I received as a Christmas present.

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Christmas Wishlist - Celine, Chanel, Calvin Klein

10 December 2015

Like any girl I love a good wish-list, and mine are forever changing. This month's wishlist contains a bit of everything, from budget friendly pieces to high end.

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Party season, Prom and Debs dresses

03 December 2015

With it being the month of December, I had to share with you some of my top party dresses for any spectacular event you may be lucky enough to attend. I can’t believe next month will be the beginning of 2016! These dresses are certainly suitable for Prom, but why not go for something custom if you have an extravagant Christmas party on your agenda?

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Wardrobe Clear Out & Siopaella

23 November 2015
Image from We Heart it

There is no better satisfaction than having a wardrobe clear out. Especially when you can earn some money from doing so. A few years ago I was a serial hoarder of clothes. I'd often wear items once, or not at all but refuse to part with them. My excuses were usually "I'll definitely wear that again" or "What if I decide I need this garment to complete a future outfit?!"

Today I thought I'd share on the blog how I clear out my wardrobe, and earn money from unwanted clothing.

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